8 Days

Sixteen-year-old, suburban-girl Amber Stevens thought she was safe. Sex trafficking was something she didn’t think really existed. It was something Amber didn’t want to know about. Things like: ten-year-old BB running away from her abusive foster home and being lured into trafficking by street kids and being trapped in the illusion of love by a pimp named Big D. Or ten-year-old Sugar sold to a gang by her drug addicted mother and trafficked into Big D’s “family.”

But not wanting to know about something doesn’t make it go away, even when you grow up in a wealthy community with an over protective mother.

After being disallowed to go on her school trip for Spring Break, Amber conspires to sneak out to a party with her friend, Drew. On the way, they meet up with cool kids, Candace and Justin, from school and end up riding with older, new guy – Tyler. At the party Amber has eyes for Justin, and when Tyler offers her a drink, under Justin’s encouragement, she takes it. Soon Amber is groggy and out of it. Tyler offers to take her home, which she is unable to protest.

When Amber misses her curfew, her overprotective mother tries to check on her. Tyler throws Amber’s phone out of the car and kidnaps her at gunpoint. Amber cries and pleads as Tyler takes her to his house and assaults her. Amber’s mother knows something is wrong and begins searching for her. Her plea is lost on the busy police precinct and commanding officer that assures the worried mother that Amber just ran away.

After Amber fails at her attempt to escape, Tyler threatens her family and sells her to another pimp – Big D. Amber – renamed Angel – is driven down and exchanged like merchandise before she is greeted by BB and Sugar. The older, experienced girls welcomed Amber to their family with new clothes, painkillers, alcohol and food. When Big D and his protégé’ – Red – return, Big D assaults Amber. She then is sold repeatedly to Johns despite her protests and pleas.

Days pass and Amber’s story reaches the news. Mom enlists her community and prayer team to help find Amber. Despite being constantly drugged up, Amber is able to reach one of the pimp’s phones and sends an S.O.S. to a friend. Her friends report the text to the police, but the police are still unable to find her.

Amber fights for her life as the pimps move hotel rooms. She is abused and assaulted by over fifty men.

When a politician’s wife finally speaks with the police, Amber’s hotel room is raided. Police rescue Amber and apprehend BB and Sugar.

After 8 days, Amber is taken to a hospital where she is reunited with her mom and step dad. She lives with nightmares and their home will never be the same again.
Tyler is apprehended and put on trial, where Amber testifies against him. Tyler is imprisoned. BB is released and returns to the streets. Sugar gets help and joins a rehabilitation home with other survivors.

From that point on, Amber and her mother realize they cannot be silent anymore. One year later, they speak on the news and at concerts to raise awareness and fight for other victims.

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